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Film Motion Pictures

Table of Contents

Always A Bridesmaid

(1943 Movie starting Patty Andrews. Dir: Erle C. Kenton; Universal)>

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman

(1958 Movie starring Yvette Vickers. Dir: Nathan Hertz; United Artists)

Darlene Greminger Lind
Frank Chase (he is the officer swing dancing)

Babes In Arms

(1939 Movie starring Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland. Dir: Busby Berkeley; MGM)

Maxie Dorf
Lawrence "Lolly" Wise

Babes on Broadway

(1941 Movie starring Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland. Dir: Busby Berkeley; MGM)

Maxie Dorf

Bachelor Mother

(1939 Movie starring Ginger Rogers, David Nivin. Dir: Garson Kanin)

Dancers: Lawrence "Lolly" Wise & Marge Wilson

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Belles On Their Toes

(1952 Movie; 20th Century Fox)

Shag Dancers

Benny Goodman Story

(1955 Movie starring Steve Allen & Donna Reed. Dir: Valentine Davies. Universal)

Gil & Nikki Brady
Pat Eggar Havenhill & Darlene Greminger Lind

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Blondie Meets The Boss

(1939 Movie starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. Dir: Frank R. Strayer)

Dancers: Ray Hirsch & Patti Lacey

See Film Clip ... .avi file


Boy What A Girl

(1946 Movie starring Tim Moore, Duke Williams, Elwood Smith, Dir: Arthur Leonard)

Dancers: International Jitterbugs (formerly Whitey's Lindy Hoppers)

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Buck Privates

(1941 Movie starring Abbott & Costello and Andrews Sisters. Dir: Arthur Lubin; Universal)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Ray Hirsch & Patti Lacey
Gene "Shadow" Cole
Gil Fernandez
Connie Wydel

Film Clip

Bundle Of Joy

(1956 Movie starring Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds. Dir: Norman Taurog; RKO)

Dancers: Gil & Nikki Brady, Lenny Smith & Freda Angela Wyckoff, Joe Lanza

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Cabin In The Sky

(1943 Movie starring Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Lena Horne, Ethel Waters, Louis Armstrong, Rex Ingram, Duke Ellington & Orch. Dir: Vincente Minnelli; MGM)

Calling Dr. Gillespie

(1942 Movie, 82 minutes, starring Lyonell Barrymore, Donna Reed. Dir: Harold S. Bocquet, )

Very good short swing dance scene.

Calypso Heat Wave

(1957 Movie starring Johnny Desmond & Merry Anders. Dir: Fred F. Sears; Columbia)

Lenny Smith & Freda Angela Wyckoff

Canterville Ghosts

(1944 Movie starring Charles Laughton & Margaret O'Brien. Dir: Jules Dassin)

Dancer: Dean Collins

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Carnival Rock

(1957 Movie starring Susan Cabot & Dick Miller. Dir: Roger Corman; Howco)

Freda Angela Wyckoff
Gil & Nikki Brady

Film Clip

Chool Song, The

Dean Collins & Collette

College Humor

(1933 Movie starring Richard Arlen, Mary Carlisle & Bing Crosby. Dir: Wesley Ruggles; Paramount)

Freddie Christopherson

Crazy House

(1943 Movie starring Ole Olsen & Chic Johnson. Dir: Edward F. Cline; Universal)

Pepsi Bethel
Tony & Sally Demarco (were the Ballroom Dancers)

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Dance Hall

(1941 Movie starring Carole Landis & Cesar Romero. Dir: Irving Pichel; FOX)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Connie Wydel

See Movie Clip ... .avi file

Day At The Races, A

(June 10, 1937 Movie starring the Marx Brothers. Dir: Sam Wood; MGM)

Whitey's Lindy Hoppers:
Leon James
Frankie Manning (was not in film, but helped Whitey with choreography)
Dot Miller
Norma Miller

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Death In Doses

Lenny Smith & Freda Angela Wyckoff

Don't Knock The Rock

(1956 Movie starring Bill Haley and His Comets. Dir: Fred F. Sears; Columbia)

Gil & Nikki Brady
Freda Angela Wyckoff
Lenny Smith
Joe Lanza

Film Clips 1 ... 2 ... 3 

Follow The Boys

(1944 Movie starring Marlene Dietrich. Dir: A. Edward Sutherland; Universal)

Bob Ashley and Lou Southern or Lenny Smith dancing with each other

See Movie Clip ... .avi file

Four Jills In A Jeep

(1944 Movie staring Kay Francis, Martha Rae, Carol Landis, Mitzi Mayfair. Dir: William Seiter; 20th Century Fox)

Roy Damron
Freda Angela Wyckoff

See Movie Clip ... .avi file

Gang's All Here, The

(1943 Movie starring Alice Fay, Benny Goodman. Dir: Busby Berkeley; 20th Century Fox)

Has swing dancers

George White's Scandles

(1934 Movie starring Rudy Vallee, Alice Fay, Jimmy Durente, Dixie Dunbar. Dirs: George White, Thornton Freeland, Harry Lachman; Fox Film Corp. - 1hr 20 min)


George White's Scandles

(1935 Movie starring Alice Faye, James Dunn, Eleanor Powell. Prod & Dir: George White; 20th Century Fox - 1hr 23min)


George White's Scandles

(1945 Movie starring Jack Haley, Gene Krupa & Band. Choreography: Ernest Matray. Dir: Felix Feist - 1hr 35 min. RKO)

Dean Collins

Ghost Catchers

(1944 Movie starring Ole Olsen & Chic Johnson. Dir: Edward F. Cline; Universal)

Johnny & Venna Archer
Bob Ashley
Dean Collins (choreographer)
Gil Fernandez
Lennie Smith
Betty Stoy
Irene Thomas
Mike Tremini

Film Clip 

Girl Can't Help It, The

(1956 Movie starring Tom Ewell & Jayne Mansfield. Dir: Frank Tashlin; 20th Century Fox)

Gil & Nikki Brady
Lenny Smith

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Having A Wonderful Life

Walter Couston, Shag Dancer


(1941 Movie starring Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Martha Rae. Dir: H.C. Potter; Universal)
Eddie Brandts
Dean Collins - danced with Martha Rae ... Film Clip
Mike Tremini

Whitey's Lindy Hoppers:
William Downes & Francis Micky Jones
Frankie Manning & Ann Johnson
Al Minns & Willa Mae Ricker
Billy Ricker & Norma Miller

Other Reference Sources

See Film Clip

Here Come The Waves

(1944 Movie starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Betty Hutton. Choreography: Danny Dare. Prod & Dir: Mark Sandrich; Paramount)


Hold That Co-ed

(1938 Movie starring John Barrymore & George Murphy. Dir: George Marshall; 20th Century Fox)
Swing Dancers - Unknown

Hollywood Canteen

(1944 Movie starring Betty Davis & John Garfield. Dir: Delmer Daves; Warner Bros.)

William Alcorn
Johnny Archer

Gil Hernandez
Jack Mattis (does a 4 minute specialty number)

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Horn Blows At Midnight, The

(1945 Movie starring Jack Benny & Alexis Smith. Dir: Raoul Walsh; Warner Bros.)

Johnny Archer
Dean Collins & Jeanne (Phelps)Veloz
Lenny Smith Film Clip

Hot Rod Gang

(1959 Movie starring John Ashley, Gene Vincent, Jody Fair, Steve Drexel. Dir: Lew Landers)

Long swing dance scene about 45 minutes into the film.


(1958 Movie starring Cary Grant, Sophia Loren. Dir: Melville Shavelson)

Dancers: Gil & Nikki Brady, Joe Lanza

See Film Clip ... .avi file

I Am The Law

(1938 Movie starring Edward G. Robinson, Otto Kruger, Wendy Barrie. Dir: Alexander Hall.)

Dancers Unknown

See Film Clip ... .avi file

I Dood It

(1943 Movie starring Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell, Richard Ainey. Dir: Vincent Minnelli)

Dancers Unknown

See Film Clip ... .avi file


Inside Chicago

(Not sure if this is correct name or if it is film or tv)

Pat Eggar Havenhill


(1940 Movie starring Anna Neagle, Ray Milland, Roland Young, ... Dir: Herbert Wilcox; RKO)

Lindy dancers

Jamin' The Blues

Dancers Unknown

Film Clip


Dancers Unknown

Film Clip

Jive Junction

(1943 Movie. Dir: Edward G. Ulmer; PRC)

Bob Ashley & Jeanne (Phelps) Veloz
Lenny & Kay Smith
Don Gallagher & Irene Thomas
Johnny Archer

Film Clip


(1943 Movie starring Laurel & Hardy. Dir; Mal St. Clair; 20th Century Fox)

Swing Dancers - Unknown

Film Clips ... 1 ... 2

Juke Box Rhythm

(1959 Movie starring Jo Morrow & Jack Jones. Dir: Arthur Dreifuss; Columbia)

Gil Brady & Nikki Brady, Lenny Smith & Freda Angela Wyckoff

See Film Clips: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... .avi files

Juke Joint

(1947 Movie. Slack Amusement Enterprises)

The Jitterbug Johnnies (May and Ace, Kit and Kat)

See Film Clips: 1 ... 2 ... .avi file

Junior Prom, Teenagers At The

(1946 Movie starring Freddy Stewart, June Preisser. Dir: Arthur Dreifuss; Monogram)

Freda Angela Wyckoff
Johnny Archer
Dean Collins (dance director)
Maxie Dorf
Gil Fernandez
Alice Scott
Lenny Smith
Lou Southern

Film Clip ... many dancers
Film Clip ... Dean Collins and lady dancers
Film Clip ... 

Keep Punching

Dancers: Whitey's Lindy Hoppers ... Film Clip

Kid Dynamite

(1943 Movie starring The Bowery Boys. Dir: Wallace Fox; Monogram)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan

Killer Diller

(1948 Movie starring Jerry Lewis. All American Pictures)

   Frankie Manning & Ann Johnson
   Russell Williams (AKA: Rashul Ali) & Willa Mae Ricker)

Let's Make Music

(1940 Movie starring Bob Crosby & Jean Rogers. Dir: Leslie Goodwins; RKO)

Freda Angela Wyckoff
Jack Carey
Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Pat Eggar Havenhill
Tommy Silvius
Lawrence "Lolly" Wise
Bertha Lee 

Film Clip ... 


(1989 Movie)

Melinda Comeau
Jim Fisk
Rob Van Haaren

Little Mothers

(..... starring Ginger Rogers & David Niven)

Lawrence "Lolly" Wise

Living It Up

(1954 Movie starring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. Choreographer: Nick Castle. Dir: Norman Taurog; Paramount)

Nick Castle (Choreographer)

Jack Carey & Loraine Edwards
Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Roy Damron
Danny Donahoe & Freda Angela Wyckoff
Pat Eggar Havenhill & Sheila O'Hare
Lennie Smith & Helen .....

Film Clip 

Mad Youth

(1941 Movie)

Dancers: Ray Hirsch & Patti Lacey

Film Clips ... 1 ... 2


(1943 Movie)

Dancers: Hal & Betty Takier

Film Clip

Malcom X

A 4 minute segment of Lindy Hop choreography about 10 minutes into film - at 200 beats per minute.

Midnight Rider

(1991 Movie starring John Travolta)

Jamie Arias
Randy Clements
Sharlot Jansen

Miracle Of Morgan's Creek, The

(1943 Movie starring Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken. Paramount)

Dancers Unknown

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Mr. Rock 'n' Roll

(1957 Movie starring Alan Freed, Little Richard. Dir: Charles Dubin; Paramount)

Swing Dancers - Unknown

Mulholland Drive

(2001 Movie)

Lindy Hoppers: Kimberly Clever, Joshua Collazo, David Frutos, Peter Loggins, Teresa Salazar, Thea Samuels, Christian Thompson

Film Clip


Mystery In Swing

(1940 Movie, all black musical, starring Monty Hawley, The Four Toppers. Prod & Dir: Arthur Dreifuss; Aetna Film Production)

Has swing dancers

Naughty But Nice

(1939 Movie starring Dick Powell and Ann Sheridan. Dir: Ray Enright; Warner Bros.)

Maxie Dorf & Midge Dare
Connie Wydel

Lawrence "Lolly" Wise & Marge Wilson

Film Clips ... 1 ... 2

Orchestra Wives

(1942 Movie starring George Montgomery, Glen Miller. Dir: Archie Mayo; 20th Century Fox)

Nick Castle (dance director)
Has swing dancers

Film Clip 


(1941 Movie starring Kay Kyser & Lupe Velez. Dir: David Butler; RKO)

Jack Crosby (dance director)
Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan

Good production number. Dean has tights on with Jewel McGowan on steps

Pot o' Gold

Dancers: Jewel McGowan

Film Clip

Powers Girl, The

(1942 Movie starring George Murphy & Anne Shirley. Dir: Norman Z. McLeod; United Artists)

Bob Ashley & Irene Thomas
Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan 

Film Clip 

Prisoner Of Swing, The

(1838 Movie, Vita Phone-Broadway Breuity)

Leon James
Hal Le Roy
Frankie Manning
Al Minns

Radio City Rebels

(1937 Movie starring Ann Miller, Bob Burns, Jack Oakie, Milton Berle. RKO)

Hermes Pan (choreographer)
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers 
Tiny Bunch & Dottie Johnson Eddie Davis & Mildred Pollard George Greenidge & Eleanor "Stumpy" ... Frankie Manning & Lucille Middleton See Movie Clip ... .avi file

Ride 'Em Cowboy

(1942 Movie starring Bud Abbott & Lou Costello. Dir: Arthur Lubin; Universal)

Nick Castle (choreographer)
Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan

Film Clip 

Rock Around The Clock

(1956 Movie starring Bill Haley and His Commets. Dance Dir: Earl Barton, Jr. Dir: Fred F. Sears; Columbia)

Earl Barton (choreographer)
Freda Angela Wyckoff & George Christopherson
Jack Carey
Gil & Nikki Brady

Film Clip 

Running Wild

(1955 Movie starring William Campbell, Mamie Van Doren, Keenan Wynn, Walter Coy. Dir: Abner Biberman)

Gil & Nikki Brady

San Francisco

(1936 Movie starring Clark Gable, Jeannett Mac Donald. Dir: W.S. Van Dyke; MGM)

Val Raset (choreographer)
Has a Cake Walk production number - Val Raset staged the dances

Sensations of 1945

(1944 Movie)

Dancers: Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, Irene Thomas, Johnny & Jenny Duncan

Film Clip

Shake, Rattle And Rock

(1956 Movie starring Mike Connors, Lisa Gaye, Sterling Holloway. Dir: Edward L. Cahn)

Dancers: unknown

See Film Clips: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... .avi file

The Spirit Moves

Savoy Ballroom Footage ... Film Clip
Savoy Ballroom & Harvest Moon Ball Footage ... Film Clip

Spirit of Youth

(1938 Movie)

Film Clip

Springtime In The Rockies

(1942 Movie starring Betty Grable & John Payne. Dir: Irving Cummings; 20th Century Fox)

Hermes Pan (choreographer)
Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan ... Film Clip

Stage Door Canteen

(1943 Movie starring Cheryl Walker, William Terry, Marjorie Riodan. Dir: Frank Borzage; United Artists)

Dancers: Jack Arkin & Irene Thomas, Arthur Walsh 

Film Clip 

Stand Up And Cheer

(1934 Movie starring Shirley Temple & Jimmy Durante. Dir: Hamilton McFadden. Prod: William LeBaron; FOX)

Sammy Lee (choreographer)
Maxie Dorf & Mary McCasslin
Lawrence "Lolly" Wise

Start Cheering

(1938 Movie starring Jimmy Durante. Choreography: Danny Dare. Dir: Albert S. Rogell; Columbia)

Daniel Dare (dance numbers)
Maxie Dorf & Mary McCasslin
Lawrence "Lolly" Wise & Florence .......

Film Clip 

Stormy Weather

(1943 Movie starring Lena Horne, Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway, Katherine DUnham, Fats Waller, Dooley Wilson, Nicholas Brothers. Dir: Andrew L. Stone; 20th Century Fox)

Nick Castle (dance director)

Whitey's Lindy Hoppers
See Movie Clip 1 ... Movie Clip 2 ... .avi file

Strike Up The Band

(1940 Movie starring Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland. Dir: Busby Berkeley; MGM)

Lawrence "Lolly" Wise & Louise DeCamp

Summer Stock

(1950 Movie starring Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Eddie Bracken, Gloria DeHaven. Dir: Charles Walters)

Dancers: unknown

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Swing Fever

(1944 Movie starring Kay Kyser, Marilyn Maxwell, William Gargan, Lena Horne. Dir: Tim Whelan)

Ernst Matray (choreographer)
Maria Matray (choreographer)
Lennie Smith & Jean (Phelps) Veloz & Don Gallaher 
Johnny & Jenny Duncan 

Film Clip 

Swing Kids

(1993 Movie. Dir: Thomas Carter)

Otis Sallad (choreographer)

Kids doing Lindy Hop
(There is a great deal of Lindy Hop done in this movie)
Billy Burke Sven Daum Gregorey Garrison Ulf Garritzmann Ideal Getinkaya Ines Goritz Bettina Heyroth Dita Kalibova Dana Kopacova Britta Krause Ivan Landa Tomas Mesner Anna Montanaro Cathy Murdoch Vaclav Muska Melinda O'Connor Julie Oram Tessa Pattani Lenka Pesatova Simon Shelton Tini Stoll Pavel Svoboda Freya Trampert Klara Vejvodova Film Clips ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4

Swing Sister, Swing

(1938 Movie Starring Ken Murray. Dir: Joseph Stanley; Universal)



(1996 Movie)

Dancers: Heather Graham & Jon Favreau

Film Clip

Talk Of The Town, The

(1942 Movie starring Jean Arthur & Ronald Coleman. Dir: George Stevens; Columbia)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Gil Fernandez

That Certain Feeling

(1956 Movie starring Bob Hope & Pearl Bailey)

Nick Castle (choreography)
Gil & Nikki Brady

They All Kissed The Bride

(1942 Movie starring Joan Crawford. Dir: Alexander Hall; Columbia)

Dean Collins
Connie Wydel (wearing a sport coat)
Rosalie Miller 
Tom Lincir 

Three Little Words

(1950 Movie)

Dancers: Jack Arkin & Marion Goldy

Film Clip

Till The End Of Time

(1946 Movie starring Dorothy McGuire & Guy Madison. Dir: Edward Dmytryk; RKO)

Dean Collins choreographed the swing dancing

Dancers: Guy Madison, Lennie Smith, Jean Porter

See Film Clip ... .avi file

To Hell And Back

(1955 Movie starring Audie Murphy. Dir: Jesse Hibbs)

Short sequence with swing dancers

Twice Blessed

(1945 Movie starring Preston Foster, Gail Patrick. Dir: Harry Beaumont)

Hal Takier & Alice Scott
Lenny & Kay Smith
Freda Angela Wyckoff
Mousie & Wally Albright
Bob Ashley
Chuck Saggau

Film Clip

Two Girls And A Sailor

(1944 Movie starring Van Johnson, June Allison, Gloria DeHaven. Dir: Richard Thorpe.)

Arthur Walsh & June Allison

Movie Clips 1

Untamed Youth

(1957 Movie starring Mamie Van Doren & Lori Nelson. Dir Howrd Koch. Prod: Aubrey Bchenck; Warner Bros.)

Dancers: Lenny Smith & Freda Angela Wyckoff, Gil & Nikki Brady

Film Clips 1 ... 2 

West Side Story

(1961 Movie starring Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Rita Moreno. Dir: Robert Wise; United Artists)

Jerome Robbins (choreographer)
Peter Gennaro (co-choreographer, uncredited)

Young Ideas

(1943 Movie starring Susan Peters & Herbert Marshall. Dir: Jules Dassin)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan 

Zoot Suit

(1981 Movie starring Daniel Valdez & Edward James Olmos. Dir: Louis Valdez. Paramount)

Patricia Birch (choreographer)

Technical Stuff


H. Leon Raper