Raper's Swing Dance Corner

Who's Who in Swing Dance

World Swing Dance Championships - July 7, 1973

Contestants were allowed entry by invitation only. The competition was held at the Palladium in Hollywood California. There were over 2,000 people in attendance.


1. Pat Eggar & Darleene Greminger-Los Angeles, CA
2. Bobby Hefner & Helen Nielsen - Los Angeles, CA
3. George Christopherson & Dawn Manganelli-Los Angeles, CA

Other Contestants: in no particular order

Ron Andrews & Darlene (Goree) Hammon - Los Angeles, CA
Bob & Jane Armbruster - Houston, TX
Jerry & Jackie Cobb - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry & Susy Crim - Tulsa, OK
Jim Davis & Jane Hand - Los Angeles, CA
Mike Faille & Cooke Giamo - St. Louis, MO
Bill & Penny Crabree - Grand Prarie, TX
Lloyd Lickert & Mary Manzella - San Diego, CA
Leon & Colleen Raper - Los Angeles, CA
Jim Jackson & Sharon Bowman - Los Angeles, CA
Gus & Ophelia Luna - Houston, TX
Stan Perex & Louise Del Carlo - San Francisco, CA
Bob Ransom & Mary Thompson - Mesquite, TX
Michael Sullivan & Jeannie Petersen - Oakland, CA


Skippy Blair, Ray Fox, Laure' Haile, Victor Dru, Marie Sawyer.