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Balboa Pioneers

Maxie Dorf

Who's Who in Swing Dance ( ... see film clips

Maxie Dorf (

Maxie Dorf on Balboa (

Willie Desatoff

Who's Who in Swing Dance ( ... see film clips

Skippy Blair's Dance Blog

Balboa Demo Video

Lawrence "Lolly" Wise

Who's Who in Swing Dance ( ... see film clips

Dean Collins

Who's Who in Swing Dance ( ... see film clips

Hal Takier

Who's Who in Swing Dance ( ... see film clips

Balboa Demo Video

Balboa Demo Videos

Balboa Greats - Download DVD ( ... great site ... lots of videos

Balboa (

Pink City Balboa Festival 2003 - Toulouse, France (.avi file)
Sylvia Sykes & Jason Christodoulou (USA), Valerie Salstrom & Marty Klempner (USA), Anne-Helene & Bernard Cavasa (FR), Sylvain & Chantal (CA), Dan & Christi (UK) ... Video from (2003-03-08)

2007 MLB Balboa Jam - Melbourne, Australia (.avi file) ... slow download, but worth it. Great examples of balboa styling.

Balboa Dance Performance

Hal & Marge Takier (12/10/2006)

Willie Desatoff & Ann Mills ... Hal & Marge Takier

Marcus & Barbl Bst 03 Shag/Balboa Demo

San Francisco Jitterbugs Balboa 2

Steve & Heidi (swingcheese)

Index of /Vintage at ... This is a must-see site that has a massive collection of clips from film, tv, events, etc.

Voyager (TM) - Balboa Dance Clips

Instructional Videos

Johathan & Sylvia ... Instructional Videos (Available on Video or DVD)
Jonathan Bixby & Sylvia Sykes have the most complete set of Balboa instructional videos available in the world. Their Balboa coach was Maxie Dorf whose Balboa styling you will see throughout the videos.

M&F Balboa Intermediate (.avi file) ... lengthy download, but worth it

Other Links

Balboa History (

Balboa History (

Historic Balboa Pavilion - Newport California

Rondezvous Ballroom - Balboa California

Technical Stuff


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